Pear OS


Read this first, please.
Pear Inc. is a parody of Apple Inc. It was created for a line up of TV shows. It is not a real company therefore the products are NOT real. Dummies and models of Pear Products can be easily found on eBay, Amazon and can be made of styrofoam cutouts. Videos and Tutorials showing how to do this can be found on YouTube.

Pear OS History
Pear OS 1.7-1992
Pear OS 2.7-1994
Pear OS 3.7-1996
PearPhone OS 1.1-1997
Pear OS 4.7-1998
PearPhone OS 2.1-2000
Pear OS 5.7-2001
Pear OS 6.7-2003
Pear Mobile OS 6.8-2004
Pear OS 6.9-2005
Pear OS 7.7-2006
Pear Mobile OS 7.9-2007
Pear OS 8.7-2008
Pear Tablet OS 9.7-2009
Pear OS 9.7-2010
Pear Tablet OS 10.7-2011
Pear OS 10.7-2012
Pear Tablet OS 11.7-2013
Pear OS 11.7-2013
Pear Mobile OS 9.1-2013
Pear OS 11.9-2014
Pear OS 11.9.1-2014
Pear Mobile OS 10-2014

(From Top left To Bottom right)-Pear OS 8.7, Pear OS Mobile 9.7, Pear OS 9.7, Pear OS 10.7


  1. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion

  2. The Pear OS EXIST. It's real, based in Ubuntu but with OS X GUI (Graphic User Interface), you can find it in sourceforge and download for normal use.

  3. its is like windows on icarly!!!! on thair ipear

  4. Well if the prouducts' aren't real why did you make a website for them then?